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What day is election day?

Thursday 23rd September is the day of the General Election for the House of Keys.   If you are registered to vote, you can vote between 8am and 8pm at your polling station.  Or you can arrange to vote by post , in advance. (See below)

Where can I vote?

You can vote in Person, via Proxy or by Post.

In Person at a Polling Station:

Your polling station will be indicated on your polling card which you will receive shortly before election day.

For more information about voting in person and how that works see https://www.gov.im/categories/home-and-neighbourhood/elections-and-voting/2021-general-election/voters/voting-in-person-at-a-polling-station/


Apply to vote by Post:

Get your form to apply to vote by post in the constituency of Glenfaba and Peel here

Voting by post is now an option available to anyone and means you can still vote even if you cannot or do not wish to visit a Polling Station on the day.  Given the situation with COVID, it is encouraged to apply to register to vote by post to secure your chance to vote.

Electors who wish to vote by post should complete the application form and send it back to the Returning Officer for their constituency. A signature and date of birth are required on the form, and again when mailing in a postal ballot, in order to prevent fraud.

Postal voting ballot packs will be issued to applicants once the Notices of Poll have been published confirming the list of official candidates in each constituency.

The nomination period for election candidates closes on Wednesday 25 August, so it is proposed that postal voting ballot papers will be printed ready for distribution from 31 August.

The packs can be sent to addresses in the Isle of Man, UK and overseas. Individuals must be registered on the electoral roll in order to vote and be 16 years old or over on polling day, Thursday 23 September 2021.

Electors, particularly those who may be temporarily overseas, are encouraged to apply in advance of the deadline for applications, so that their ballot pack can be issued in good time.

The closing dates for the receipt of postal voting application forms are as follows:

• Wednesday 15 September 2021 for those voting by post in the Isle of Man
• Thursday 9 September 2021 for those voting by post within the British Isles, but outside the Isle of Man
• Tuesday 31 August 2021 for those voting by post outside of the Isle of Man and the British Isles.

Packs will include instructions to help electors to complete the postal voting statement and the ballot paper. Information and guidance is also available on the Gov.im election webpages.

Proxy Voting

If you are unable to vote in person at your allotted polling station or as a postal voter, you may be eligible to apply to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf in the House of Keys General Election on Thursday 23 September 2021.

Full information and form here .

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